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New Selection of Publications

Our Selection of Publications has been updated for 2023. The document presents the Global Point Prevalence Survey, its methodology and facilitating features.

First drive-AMS event

Last week, drive-AMS organised a Training of Trainers Course in Nijmegen, hosted by Radboudumc. The course combined their Dutch AMS Masterclass and the Global-PPS tool and expertise. It was the perfect opportunity to connect, collaborate and exchange ideas!

Need for surveillance and stewardship actions – WHO fungal priority pathogens list

To strengthen the worldwide response to IFDs and antifungal resistance, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has developed a Fungal Priority Pathogens List (FPPL). Its aim is to focus and drive further research and policy interventions. This list was inspired by the Bacterial Priority Pathogens List that WHO published in 2017.

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Data entry


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Global antimicrobial stewardship

تنزيل الكتاب الالكترونى المجانى عن حوكمة استخدام مضادات الميكروبات العالمى، مُقدم من الجمعية البريطانية لمضادات الميكروبات (BSAC)

Local actions around the world

الدول المشاركة بالمسح المقطعى محدد الزمن العالمى (Global-PPS)

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