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View our video for WAAW 2023 on the outpatient module. Watch it here.

Read the article here: Global-PPS publications with interactive links – 2020 edition

Read the article here: “Infecciones y uso de antimicrobianos en Latinoamérica”

Visit the website: “Micologia online”
Download the Global-PPS poster: Antifungal prescribing in 18 Brazilian hospitals (Portuguese). This poster was awarded as best poster in the original research category.

Watch the video: Participants from several countries gave testimony on the usefulness of Global-PPS.

Watch the video here: During World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2018 a video was released in which several participants talk about their Global-PPS experiences. 

For more information on WHO’s campaign on antibiotic awareness, click here.

Watch the video: Learn more about the efforts done for the Global-PPS in Canada.