Portuguese drive-AMS network organised second part of in-country course

The second part of the course dedicated to antimicrobial stewardship, integrated into the European drive-AMS project, recently took place.

This meeting brought together, once again, part of the national teams developing this European project whose objective is to create policies for the efficient management of antimicrobials in public health institutions in four European countries. In the Portuguese case, São João leads the project, in which a group of eight NHS institutions already participate.

According to the preferences of the participants, asked by questionnaire regarding the first edition of the course, this meeting focused on two main aspects: indicators/metrics and methodologies for mapping/knowledge of actors and context, including the “one to one interviews”.

At the start, a short presentation was held of the project’s status in each of the institutions that are part of the drive-AMS network.

In the words of Dr. José Artur Paiva, national project manager and director of the Intensive Medicine Service at ULS São João, “The course allowed us to verify that all the institutions that are part of drive-AMS in Portugal, are developing the project. That they are committed to its success and to a collaborative process, in which everyone learns and teaches. There are already multiple interventions carried out in the project hospitals, using the methodology of evaluating determinants and customising the intervention focused on behavioural change. change the prescribers and not just change the prescription”.