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Learn how to use Point Prevalence Surveys (PPS)

A new E-learning module “how to use Point Prevalence Surveys (PPS) to measure antibiotic consumption and fight antimicrobial resistance” is now available on this Global-PPS website. The module is developed by BSAC (see also supporting organizations). This course runs continuously from May 1st to June 30th. Thereafter, the course will [...]

Learn how to use Point Prevalence Surveys (PPS)2017-04-29T10:00:24+00:00

50+ countries for Global-PPS!

More than 50 countries worldwide are now participating to the 2017 Global-PPS. Don’t hesitate to join us. See also the item Supporting organisations.

50+ countries for Global-PPS!2017-03-09T12:45:56+00:00

The Global-PPS will be repeated next year!

Data collection and entry onto the Global-PPS program will be possible from January to June 2017. Any hospital is very welcome to join the survey and our network! The data collection templates are very similar to the 2015 version, only two supplementary variables on biomarkers were added. We will also [...]

The Global-PPS will be repeated next year!2016-09-26T07:46:21+00:00

Global-PPS posters presented at ECCMID

During the ECCMID congress, 15 different countries worldwide were able to present their results on the Global-PPS. We had a meeting, we shared our experiences, we discussed and we’ll move on ! Posters are now available: see dissemination.

Global-PPS posters presented at ECCMID2016-04-13T13:44:08+00:00

First Global-PPS results will be presented at ECCMID

The Global-PPS was successfully conducted in 2015 and included 335 institutions from 53 countries of 6 continents worldwide.  The established global network for point prevalence surveys has many benefits at local, country and regional level. It  helped creating global awareness about antibiotic use and resistance. The first results will be [...]

First Global-PPS results will be presented at ECCMID2020-03-23T20:29:33+00:00