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Read the Global-PPS newsletter – June 2020

The Global-PPS protocol is adapted to survey COVID-19 patients. The website is translated in French, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. More languages will follow. Read two nice stories on how the Global-PPS is rolled out at national level and how these data can be used for a PhD. Finally, take [...]

Read the Global-PPS newsletter – June 20202020-06-29T07:20:19+00:00

Global-PPS data used for a PhD

Having a Ph.D. was a dream for me and it was yet to be fulfilled after my MPhil studies. This was enkindled by my interaction with Professor Azmi Hassali who came to Pakistan for a conference. During our discussions, he shared the idea of ‘Point Prevalence Survey’ on [...]

Global-PPS data used for a PhD2020-06-25T08:51:49+00:00

Global-PPS in Iran

The Global-PPS in Iran primarily started in 2015 in two large Iranian University cities, namely Shiraz and Kurdistan Universities of Medical Sciences, concurrently with the first global attempt for data collection about antibiotic consumption conducted by the University of Antwerp, Belgium.1 We appreciated the standardized and straightforward online tool for [...]

Global-PPS in Iran2020-06-23T14:40:42+00:00

Global-PPS protocol adapted to allow surveillance of COVID-19 patients

As countries worldwide are faced with an unprecedented pandemic, there is a profound concern that widespread antibiotic use in COVID-19 patients could increase the selective pressure for antibiotic resistance. For this reason, we have slightly adapted the Global-PPS protocol to allow surveillance of COVID-19 patients. Hospitals are once more [...]

Global-PPS protocol adapted to allow surveillance of COVID-19 patients2020-06-25T08:54:15+00:00

New protocol – optional HAI module

The Global-PPS protocol has been updated with an optional Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI) module. This new module allows analyzing additional quality indicators, focusing on the presence of invasive devices. From September till December 2019, the old as well as the new protocol are available for data collection on the wards (transition [...]

New protocol – optional HAI module2020-02-18T22:28:08+00:00

Grants in Antwerp

Three participants from Brazil, Egypt and The Philippines took a training on hospital-based interventions to contain antibiotic resistance in low-resource setting at the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp in collaboration with the Laboratory of Medical Microbiology of the University of Antwerp, Belgium. This will allow them to further use their [...]

Grants in Antwerp2020-02-18T22:35:27+00:00

Global-PPS in the Lancet Global Health

Read the first overall Global-PPS results on antibiotic prescribing and resistance in adults, published in the Lancet Global Health. We invite Global-PPS participants to also publish their results. The Global-PPS team is happy to provide help with this!  […]

Global-PPS in the Lancet Global Health2020-02-19T19:36:57+00:00

Global-PPS 2018

Three surveys are available in 2018 to allow investigating seasonal variation (January-April, May-August and September-December 2018). Any hospital is welcome to take part in one or more surveys in 2018! The Global-PPS will be presented during the ECCMID congress in Madrid from 21-24 April 2018. Click Dissemination to know which [...]

Global-PPS 20182018-03-27T14:04:06+00:00