drive-AMS partners moving towards implementation

On 6 June 2023, country leads of the drive-AMS partner institutions held an online meeting to discuss the progress of the project and any challenges faced during the first 6 months of implementation.

From the country reporting, it was concluded that significant progress was made with the adaptation of the course to the national contexts and needs. At the same time, partners agreed to have an additional online orientation session on implementation science for behaviour change, to be convened after the summer with Marlies Hulscher, professor of quality of care in infectious diseases and Dr Jeroen Schouten, AMS program leader from Radboudumc.

Country teams also reported on their course preparation. Translations to national languages are on the way, and in parallel, health authorities support for project implementation was secured. Namely, in Portugal and Lithuania the process of selection of participating hospitals will be taken in collaboration with the health authorities, indicating interest for possible institutionalization of behaviour-change approach in addressing AMR at country level. In Greece and Romania, the participating hospitals were already identified and are preparing to start the data gathering process for the Global-PPS.

The above were considered important prerequisites for progressing towards implementation, leading to setting up the dates for the initial country-level courses: one by the end of 2023 and three in the first half of 2024. Further information will be available soon on the drive-AMS website, the program webpage, and the partners’ websites.

Stay tuned for courses and more activities in your country/region!